Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kong Still King

There is something about 3-hour movies that just clicks inside me. That is, 3-hour movies directed by everyone's favorite Kiwi, Peter Jackson! If the Lord of the Rings trilogy was not enough to seal this guy's place as one of the greatest directors in film history, this latest movie should definitely do the trick. I have been looking forward all year to seeing this supersized monkey once again take to the big screen. Suffice it to say that it was hardly a letdown! I waited to go see Kong for myself until after I had read all the major reviews about it. Most, if not all, of them had something negative to say about some aspect of the movie. Except for the excessive use of Christ's name as a curse, I found nothing to complain about. Kong is nothing less than a cinematic masterpiece! Jackson and his crew at WETA Digital have once again proven to be the lords of Tinseltown in terms of visual effects. The digital effects in this movie are incredible! I have to say that several of the scenes on Skull Island were realistic enough to make me squirm uncontrollably (namely those scenes incorporating nightmare-sized creepy-crawlers) . The last segment of the movie, and perhaps the most memorable, is that of Kong mounting the Empire State Building. The cinematography simply grabs hold of your mind and takes you for a ride thousands of feet in the air. It is enough to make even the most grounded theater-goer dizzy! Jackson has also proven to be a master at taking an existing story and giving it new and stronger life. He did so with The Lord of the Rings and he has done it on an even greater scale with King Kong. I have watched the original King Kong film and was thus privileged to be able to understand some of the newer Kong's more subtle touches. For one, early in the movie there is a scene onboard the ship as the characters are in search of Skull Island. Director Carl Denham is filming a first meeting between Ann Darrow and Bruce Baxter as they gaze out over the ocean. This is an actual scene taken directly from the classic 1933 original, and it is shot in the very same way. There are many more scenes like this throughout the movie and I will say that one cannot fully appreciate this Kong until one has seen the original (as painful as it may be). This movie is by far the best I have seen all year long and I would classify it as a must-see for anyone in need of wholesome entertainment. It may be a little too intense for younger viewers, especially the island scenes that encompass the majority of the film, but viewers 12-yrs.-old and up will definitely find it worth the three hours to watch.


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Is this Josh? I didn't know you had a blog...King Kong was great. Why doesn't anyone comment on your blog? You one knows you have them. :-)

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